There you Are!

I would like to congratulate you for successfully stumbling on my ripe blueberry of a blog. Now that you’re here, I’m afraid you’ve chosen to cross into prohibited territory (also known as my mind) but you will not be electrocuted or hanged or decapitated (although I am a zealous misanthropist and would love some human heads for my latest collection), but, even better, you will have to endure my horrendous thoughts and venomous writing. I know you’re wondering what you have done to deserve this. I also know that you must have done something because you deserve this.

Have an inspirational time here, as long as you’re here, before it’s too late, before you’re gone, gone as in dead, dead as in eternally nonexistent (unless you’re a believer of reincarnation, afterlife, or lucid dreaming).

Welcome to my world! I’m quite sure you’re feeling right at home with my warm welcoming thoughts. Certainly, this blog will not express my entire world, one that is naturally infinite, however, it will speak. Now listen.