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I want to eat a bar of soap. No. I want to rip, to break a bar of soap into two.

I want to eat the second half. No. I want to eat the first half. Which one is the first half?

Probably the one in my right hand. I’m right handed.

The right hand is good in Islam. Not better than the left hand but Muslims do good things with the right hand.

The engagement ring is in the right hand. The wedding ring is in the left hand.

The second half is there, too.

The second half of the bar of soap is in my left hand.

I eat the first half. My right hand is vacant.

My left hand approaches my right hand, sliding the second half of the bar of soap into my right hand; the good hand in Islam. Washing your hands is good.

I wash my hands with the second half.

Maybe now I will truly know what soap feels like..

— written at 7:46 AM, August 5, after watching Mr. Nobody


I might be hungrier than the very hungry caterpillar.