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They used to warn me,
But all I did was ignore
Their continuous warnings
Of what lies beneath the shore.

The shore of vulnerability and cruelty.
The shore of forgotten love and betrayal.
But I never believed them,
Never believed their evil portrayal

Of such a beautiful world.
But as I crossed the sand,
Regret stifled my breath
And temptation pulled my hand.

The killer sharks smelled my
Naïve blood and thought,
“Perfect catch” and dragged me in
As I resisted, as I fought.

Now gills are growing on my arms,
White teeth are digging through my gums.
I’m giving in, giving up,
As the contagious tsunami comes.

I should have listened
To the warnings and the calls
Of the shells on the shore.
But everyone’s tempted, and everyone falls.

Everyone falls.