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Why are we trapped in such societies dictating our actions and even at times thoughts? The dogmatic dictatorship we live in blindly directs our beliefs towards illogical laws and principles.

Instead of analyzing the psyche of rapists and treating them, we find fervent radicals blaming the victim for her revealing apparel and erotic style. It may seem logical at first that her mannerisms and appearance are definitely the sole cause for the rapist’s action for if she hadn’t been wearing such clothes he wouldn’t have committed his act. Sounds convincing, right? Initially we all strongly agree but wait a minute and take time to rationalize this argument.

Argument: The victim is the cause.

Premise #1: She is wearing revealing clothes voluntarily.

Premise #2: Her clothes therefore arouse desires in him, which otherwise wouldn’t have been aroused.

Conclusion: She is responsible for her own rape.

However, this argument is disregarding a vital step! Between his observation of her clothes and the act of rape there stands a major stage. HIS DECISION!

He CHOOSES to rape her; to let go of his self-control and give himself over completely to his instinctive desires and nagging thoughts. The decision making stage is the source of concepts such as free will and human freedom. If human actions and reactions are mechanistic, no sense of freedom would exist anywhere.

But because our actions and reactions are based on our own free will to choose a certain path and our own decision to commit certain actions, we are free.

Think of online pornography. We all know it is out there, accessible at any time. But what stands between participating in or enjoying pornography and its accessibility is our choice. I can choose to, with just a click of button, visit porn sites or to not do so.

So don’t try to tell me that it was her suggestive style which led him to commit rape, because it wasn’t. But it was his own free choice to decide to do so when he could have just walked away.

Obviously, when societies teach us to “not get raped” instead of “don’t rape” they’re following a systematic plan of relinquishing our freedom mentally and psychologically thus surrendering to the infectious dogmas of animalism.

If we focus our mentalities on the other’s actions rather than our own decisions the world deviates from a right one to a chaotic cesspool of blame and nonsense.