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It was early morning, she woke up dashing up to her painted window. She slows down just before she touches the window pane and unlocks it then she hums her favorite Mozart symphony where the volume goes up gradually to a brilliant peak. She started opening the window slowly; magically with the symphony getting higher and higher and just as she reached the final note, the window slid open and a breeze of air caressed her cheeks. The sound of the hummingbird, the mumbles of the neighbors, and the swish of the air all mixing, uniting. She closed her eyes softly and stood on her tiptoes, smiling serenely while taking in all the air and the music of the world into her lung; into her soul. She woke up.


It was carnival night and she was getting ready to go out. She put on the green dress and her blue Converse and was ready to go. She pressed play on her CD player, turning on her favorite Mozart symphonies to fill the house with music and magic till she came back home. She left the house and went down the stairs blissfully, already feeling carnival happiness in the air. She walked till the end of her street which was decorated with colorful dangling lights, shining with colors of blue, yellow, and red. After taking a long walk enjoying the cool weather, she stopped by the juice maker right before her house for a delicious peach juice. She took it for free and the cold feeling of the plastic cup against her palm was tingling. She was about to take her first sip when she bumped into someone and dropped the cup on the ground spilling the cold beverage. She went down to pick the empty cup when she caught sight of the stranger she bumped into. His eyes were dark brown and captivating. She stared into them hypnotically for five seconds till she took hold of the cup and stood up. It felt like a movie but it wasn’t because he just apologized and walked by her. She found a garbage can and threw the juice cup and went back home. She stood by her window, breathing in the lovely breeze as her Mozart symphony was still playing. She got an idea. She closed her eyes softly and started smiling and standing on her tiptoes once more. It was good idea. She quickly changed her green dress, put on some old long navy blue shirt, so pale colored as it was washed so many times a week. She sat down by the opened window and the CD player, grabbed her painting set, and started painting, smiling. It was like he was standing in front of her. She could remember every single detail about his eyes. The shade of color, the narrowness, the eye lids, the eye lashes, everything. She sat there till midnight painting his eyes, then when it struck twelve she dropped her paintbrush, muted the CD player, and listened. The grandness of the sound, its beauty. She loved how although the clock stroke ever hour, it just felt different at midnight. She was smiling again, her eyes closed, only this time she was seeing his eyes open.

She was smiling again.