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I’ve listened to this song over and over and found it typical of my home city. But what’s interesting is that it also expresses more about my body than I expected.

I suddenly realize that the haunted city is my own body, the distressed streets my neurons, the suffocating sun my truth, the line up my sins, the ghosts my regrets, the broken homes my decisions, the breeze my reality, and there’s no hope left for my soul.

I am haunted with the ghostly regrets of my infinitely asinine decisions urged into action by my depressing and often distorted reality thus showering my soul with endless sins stifling my truth beneath their cracked veils.

I don’t know for how much longer I will bare living in my haunted corporeal city but I must survive until the city is renovated, I must outlive my ghosts; myself.

But until then “I stare in amazement, I can’t believe this is where I live!”

This body, this body is haunted!