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What is beauty and how do we know it? Is Art necessarily beautiful? Is Art necessarily good?

I have asked myself these questions over and over and it has led me to endless discussions with myself and with others.

What I have reached is that Art is mostly beautiful, but beauty is subjective and therefore we can never be objectively certain whether or not a film or a painting is Art. However, I found out that the morality of the artist cannot interfere with our judgment of how good his/her work of Art is.

I’m mainly focusing on films because I watched many films where the artist’s perspective, specifically moral, may not necessarily agree with mine but his/her masterpiece is beautiful, as I see it.

However, not everyone agrees with my theory. Others believe that the beauty of Art cannot be independent of its morality. I have to say that with some films I take their side because how gruesome or explicit a film is at times had made me dislike the film however I couldn’t deny the artistic nature of the work but I couldn’t say it’s beautiful either.

It’s difficult to separate one’s aesthetic and moral selves especially as our emotional and rational veins intertwine and our opinionated heart beats thwart everything out of perspective. It’s difficult.