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Today I decided to randomly ask people the following question: What is something special yet simple that you really really want?

The replies ranged from books to travel wishes to old music, but one friend wanted “a good song”. They wanted a good song written just for them. Because I couldn’t buy books or book flights for others, I chose to fulfill that one friend’s wish! (As for the friend who asked for an old song, I shared it on their Facebook wall, but I didn’t feel it was that moving for them because it was merely the result of a few clicks on my keyboard.)

So, friend, this is for you. (:


The sky was falling

But they were still flipping coins around

Their mother calling

But they were still lost and never to be found


It was a world of their own

It was their home

It was a world of their own

It was their Rome


At Rome where films sparked from their fingertips

And paintings splashed from their minds

Where everyday was lunar eclipse

And in the moon there he finds


Her caterpillar, her centipede

Of hundreds of untold stories

And so inside he was freed

Of glorious past and past glories


And there she goes

Climbing the mountain

And there he goes

Waiting at the fountain


They meet and leave

And say profound things

They dance, believe

They are the kings

Of their Rome (x3)


And the sky fell

Their coins were in the air

Dancing as well

To the things they share

Of their days at Rome

And of their home

When mother was still calling



So for anyone out there, don’t waste your time buying presents just because it’s someone’s birthday. Ask them a question. Make them something special yet simple. Make their day.

Make their day.