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I’ve heard of this romantic theory. It says that God created Eve from Adam and therefore Adam’s soul was split in half and so we live our lives looking for the other half of our soul: our soul mate. Despite being such an emotionally alluring notion, this theory does not satisfy my curiosity. I decided to create a much better theory. My theory says that when we were created our soul wasn’t split in half. Our soul was split into many parts. Therefore we do not have a single divine soul mate but rather many beings with whom we share our soul. We must not go in search of one beloved being but many. That does not imply polygamy but rather romantic unity; humanistic fusion. And it does not become a ‘love affair’ but rather a spiritual revelation and exploration of the soul.

The problem is that we weren’t fully conscious or at least not aware during our point of creation and therefore we know nothing about where the rest of our soul went. So most of us just ignore such notion and focus what they know for sure is theirs, their body and its enclosed soul within. But what these foolish beings don’t realize is that their soul is also another part of another soul. So they’re really obstructing someone else’s search for romantic unity.

Today I decided I won’t follow these foolish people. I am going to enjoy the acquaintance, friendship, and love of every single person I meet. Furthermore, I will appreciate them and change them and be changed by them because they might end up being a messenger of my soul; our soul.

Appreciate other people. Appreciate your soul.

Humanistic fusion.