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They’re always there but we forget about them till the moment they fade. We wake up in the morning not knowing that we could have not made it. We take them for granted because they’re always there, at least we start losing ourselves into that feeling of certainty. Just until the moment they start to fade, we realize. We realize it’s been so long since we’ve been awake. Alive. You can feel it taking over you when they start to fade, that horror that it’s over. It’s too late, too early, or just too peaceful. That moment they start fading you watch your movie. The one you’re the hero of. Was it becoming a tragedy now that they’re fading? Or is it a legend? Some think it too late to go back, others think it too early because they don’t have anything to go back to. But it happens. And they fade. They fade and we fade with them but only those who think they weren’t fading but only falling asleep are those who really live. Do they fade? Heart beats.

Do they fade?