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I am sorry for not looking you in the eyes but you are too beautiful and I am scared.

I am sorry for not speaking whilst you pass by but you are too full of words and I am always speechless.

I am sorry for watching you from afar and hiding but you are magnificent from here and I am in love with the scene.

I am sorry for dreaming you every night and repressing it but you are too bright and I am in the shadows.

I am sorry for remembering you every day and pushing it deep but you are mind blowing and I am an amnesiac.

I am sorry for ruining your painting by intimidating blackness but you are psychedelic and I am color blind.

I am sorry for the nothing and for the everything and for the something that shouldn’t have been anything.

I am sorry for the collision and the explosion but you are too reactive and I am a noble gas.

I am sorry for writing after years but Time is within me and you are patient.

I am sorry for writing about you but you are too significant for only three figures.