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I had a vision.

You were there with me. That was it.

A very scary vision, don’t you think?


I want to die all the time unlike the past.

In the past I used to think I was depressed and wanted to die but I would quickly realize the world I’ll miss. The lights, the people, the foods, everything.

Not now. Now I want to go.


What’s scary about that?

You scare me.

Was I harming you?



You were harming me.

Was I killing you?


Was I hitting you?


Was I raping you?


I was raping you?


That’s scary.

I know.


I want go because nothing matters and I end up in hell and I deserve it.

I am a cannibal and for that I should be punished.

I am a heretic and for that I should suffer.

I am a psychopath and for that I should be exterminated.

I am and for that I should disappear.

Hell, feel free to close thy doors. I will still seep unto thee through the crevice of being.

I will.


Was it painful?

What do you think?

I can’t imagine myself raping. You.

You were.

I am sorry.

Do not apologize for being yourself.

Being myself?

You were in my vision.

A rapist?

I am guilty of blooming. You are merely eating.

I was eating you?


I was a cannibal rapist?


I am sorry.

I said do not apologize for being yourself.

But I am not.

You are. In my vision.


I steal flowers. I snatch rainbows. I spit in your face. I stab strangers.

I want to die. The cesspool is rising. I want to die before I drown.


What do you think this means?

It means what it is. You are a cannibal rapist.

I am not.

You are.

Should I leave?


Should I?


I will never rape you or eat you. Believe me.


Should I leave?


I am sick of art. I am sick of skies. I am sick of you telling me I am good and beautiful. I hate my being for being. I hate whoever decided.

I hate the pomegranate crystals and the roses and the rain and the smiles and the ties and the glass sealing my soul.

Why am I here swimming in an ocean of waste? Your waste. Your thoughts.



I will leave.


I am going.


Goodbye. I am sorry.


I am leaving.


I don’t understand but clear your mind and the vision will fly.

Visions don’t fly. Visions come true.

Not this one.

Especially this one.

Do you think I am capable of raping and eating you?

Of course.

Do you despise me so?

I do not.

Then why?

You simply are a cannibal rapist. You can’t help it.

I am not. I am not what your vision is. I am what I am.

But you are what I see you. I saw you.

I am leaving.


I will ask them to do so. Salvation lies in their mouths. I will ask them and I will be peacefully in my paradise soon after.





I do not want to cause you any discomfort.

You are not.

What now?

Rape me.


Eat me.

What is going on?

My vision.

It is only a vision.

It is my salvation.


Rape me.

I am leaving.

No. You must stay. You are my only hope.

What are you talking about?

Rape me.

Calm down, are you feeling fine?

I am not. That is why you must. Rape me.

Is your vision your dream?

Eat me.

Is it?

I want it. I want it to be my reality.

But it is scary.

It is. I deserve a scary salvation.