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They had been together for only three months but they didn’t care because Time was a myth to them; a dragon breathing fire into their evermore snow flake love.

They had been travelling together for three months in nights; careless and free.

They didn’t care what anyone thought. They were going to get married on New Year’s eve and make life come true.

After seven weeks since their first meeting, they started writing a bucket list of exotic things to do together on their wedding night and afterwards.

As the clock embraced midnight with open arms, so did they. His black tie flying in the breeze of a perfect night and her red hair dancing to music permeating the world. They eloped into their fantasy which awaited in a faraway dreamland.

The first thing on their bucket list was to lie together below a starry night sky, in each other’s arms.

Her head upon his chest, she slept to the lullaby of his heart as its beats sang her name.

The sun rose, waking up, he played with her glowing red hair as the early sunshine flooded its ocean. She woke up moments later and kissed him like the sun kissed the young horizon; divine passion. Number two on the list was now checked off.

Looking at their list, they knew they needed a great cafe to fulfill their number three. They raced to the closest cafe and the door flew open, welcoming them eagerly. The waitress – bewildered by the zealous young couple – asked for their order when they shouted in unison: “Blueberry pie!” They had never tasted blueberry pies before and had added that to their bucket list in hope of enjoying the taste of a mystery together.

They weren’t sure why they added number four but it sounded beautiful. Sewing together patches of her dress and his heart, she made a kite weaved by songs immortal. It soared into the bright blue sky, caressing the clouds. As he flew their kite, he remembered number five and grew excited about flying like their kite.

It was sky diving.

They held hands, trusting an instinct beyond logic and love; surrender. Together they flew in atmosphere of ecstasy as winds kissed their faces and blew their minds away. The view, overwhelming from above, conquered their hearts and they felt that they ruled the universe; they knew it.

His rich friend gave them a small warm apartment as a wedding gift and promised to never tell anyone about them. They lived, hidden in their sanctuary of love.

She had added number six, desiring a home of true art. He rushed to buy the paint and was back quickly, not bearing a moment without her. They painted each wall together in opal and celadon. At the top of every wall, she wrote a verse of his poetry that danced in red paint.

As night descended, they knew it was time for number seven. They found an old record in one of the deserted cupboards and played it, not knowing what music it holds within. As the music escaped into the air, Beethoven’s elegant notes diffused and they danced in their empty house.

Infatuated they fell on the wooden floor of their bedroom and slept in front of huge mirrors, contemplating themselves in mirrors brave enough for their love.Image