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A friend of mine and I listened to an entire album we never listened to before. For forty two minutes, we experienced music unknown to us before that moment, words unspoken before that moment, feelings unfelt before that moment.

After we finished listening to the album, we started writing a short story together. The story was to be inspired by the album we listened to. Each would contribute by one sentence at a time. For minutes, we poured our minds, taut by the music, into this story.

The following is a short story written by two inspired by music experienced for the first time.


The sun shone with its full might and power. The heat scorched the earth, and all living things, if any remained, were perishing. The light was blinding.

Her voice, too, was of a fiery nature unlike all sounds.

He remembered her voice all too clearly; still ringing in his ears since the last time they met.

But it was too long ago and her face faded into a memory of cake burnt in a mind of doubt.

She was in a hospital, and he was visiting her. If only he had known…

If only he had listened to his heart years ago.

And so, in a mind other than his own, he experienced her death, and she his.


Next time you want to write, don’t write alone.

Next time you want to write, listen first.

Next time, try something new.