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You wake up before your alarm rings by one minute. You turn around and cancel the alarm before it goes, before it awakens the other family members. You tiptoe out of your bedroom and head to the bathroom.

The bathroom window is open and an inexplicably fine breeze dances through and greets your face. You prepare a good warm bath and dive in your tub. It’s a small, narrow bathtub but surprisingly your body feels relaxed and free within the vehement waves of warm water hugging and kissing. No matter how rough, hairy, or old your body is, you still feel good about yourself because at heart you’re still singing.

You pick a most colorful outfit, not for an early jog, but for a homemade self-prepared breakfast. The kitchen’s a mess. Nevertheless, you feel it’s grand. Corn oil, half an onion, salt and pepper, an egg, and a saucepan.  The smell of egg and chopped onion cooking, the sight of yellow rising, and the sound of everything fizzling. You taste and it lives in warmth within your body as if all things are one.

You check your phone and you find a text message wishing you a good morning from someone living long ago in your memories. It makes your day that someone somewhere thinks good mornings should be shared.

And you know it’s a good morning, for how couldn’t it be?