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Suddenly a thrill rushes through my body! My mind is on LSD, acid, and ecstasy all at the same time (not that I know how these feel like, I can only imagine)! My heart, oh, my heart is not dancing but flying as if no tomorrow exists except the fantasy within!

Twelve years of education? TOO LONG. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. I don’t want to hand in assignments and homework; TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.

There is so much out there in the world awaiting me! I’m not going to live forever and so it’s completely irrational to spend around one fifth of my life in school (yes, I am assuming I’ll live to be sixty, bear with me).

What about living in old libraries with thousands of book in Venice? Or dancing in Brazil? Or sky diving in Indonesia? I don’t even know why I chose these countries, they just sound exotic!

I want to fall in love. Passionately. With every one. Call it promiscuity or polygamy, I don’t care! It sounds strange and is probably illegal and prohibited in different countries or religions but maybe I am the blasphemy. I don’t want one love story. I want all of them. I want to dance, kiss, embrace, make love, be love with everyone every single day! Because love knows no religions or laws. Plus, love is a beauty invading my every cardiac muscle cell and neuron; unstoppable and invincible.

I want to learn new languages. It’s a sad realization that I can only speak TWO languages! That’s pathetic! I found out there are around 6000 languages in the world! And I only know TWO?! What a failure. I need to learn at least 10 languages. Maybe Chinese. I’ve always wanted to deal with characters, something completely new. Or Russian! Or German! These two sound very complex but maybe then I could understand more about the former’s revolution and the latter’s speech in Inglourious Basterds!

I want to write. ALL THE TIME! Blog, publish, walk around posting poems in the street, maybe even have this small secret community where passionate writers share their thoughts together! Just use my mind and hands together to make worlds anew! Fiction and poetry and true stories and more about this magical world.

What else? I want to walk in minds. I do it now but not as intensely as I want to. I want to take you on walks in forests and museums and just spend all day exploring your thoughts. Then give you something. Or maybe sit in silence, hugging. I’ve always wanted to do that! Hug someone in silence and just experience the beauty of the hug in the utter silence of the moment. Actually, not utter. Maybe in the silence of our mouths but listening to the music of our breaths and heart beats. Then the next day walk with another mind. And every day becomes a graceful flight within human souls. Delight.

I will choreograph dances! I might need a few courses but I’d rather create my own style. Maybe use poems or film scores and make dance routines inspired by them. I can already start planning for James Horner’s A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics (from the film A Beautiful Mind) and Deanna Storey’s Little Person (from the film Synecdoche, New York). Of course if I set my mind to it, I’ll find hundreds of beautiful pieces of music and poems to dance to.

AND PAINT. I’m going to buy this enormous canvas or..no! I’ll buy this huge complex of rooms, all white and empty. Then I’ll get hold of all the possible colors in the world as paint cans and a couple of brushes and live in awesomeness! For days, paint with my hands (I’ll probably throw the brushes) and just dance with my hands and feet in paint all over the complex! Of course it won’t be anything like Da Vinci or Picasso but it’ll be me. Maybe this complex will be my home at the end, and I’ll live within myself.

I’m probably going to make a few films, too. I’ll spend a few months working and perfecting my ideas then venture out into the world to find the perfect team! I don’t care if the films end up in the garbage, the homeless cats would be happy treading on my art. Okay, maybe I’m romanticizing a little bit, right there. Actually I want my films to end up in film festivals most importantly Sundance Festival because its name is beautiful.

Am I going to learn to cook? YES! I’ll bake and make all kinds of foods for the people of the world! Cook all day long and give food all night long. Free happiness in cakes and wraps and delicious colors.

BY THEN IF I REACH SIXTY I’LL BE VERY EXCITED TO DEPART THIS WORLD. Because I would’ve experienced one millionth of the possible awesomeness of this world, only a speck of its beauty nevertheless I would have lived more than others who spend years in classrooms and offices. Maybe not, maybe they too have the time of their lives, I don’t know. I guess I’ll never know. I don’t care!

Find your inspiration. Inspire others. Be!