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“I like your ribcage.”

Never had she ever heard it before.

His arms around her and she within them.

It is like an ultrasound scan. She curls up like a fetus, and he embracing every skin cell in warmth. Her back to his chest; one. His heart beats, she feels it echoing in the sixth spinal segment of her cord. His music plays into her; two.

His hands sleep on her ribcage and dance every time she breathes; life.

“I like your ribcage.”

His voice, its sound waves travelling, no. They only step out of the crevice of his face and on to the door of her right ear.

She doesn’t like his ribcage. She likes his feeling; theirs.

The feeling of being in his arms, of them being together within this feeling wrapping her heart. In feeling.

They are a hug.

They are Embrace.