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Sometimes a few words can remain engraved in your mind for moments, the following are words, just a few, that were beautifully carved into the matter of myself.

“You have a beautiful mind.”

“I shall with you.”

“I just want to be near your mind.”

“You know what would be very interesting? You getting stoned.”

“You really are passionate about everything you do, aren’t you?”

“This intangible, abstract thing that we share is one of the best things… It’s not love or friendship or family or any other similar idea. It’s something new and entirely different; both mysterious and sublime. I like it because it is undefined, unlimited, and it stands without any expectations or demands; only fueled by our longing for becoming and being.”

“I really don’t understand you, you seem so reticent but simultaneously hyper and open.”

“You’re the biggest escape artist I know.”