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I believe it’s called throwing up. When things get messy and there’s puke on the floor and you’re barefoot. You step in the puddle of puke and your toes disappear beneath. But you can’t stop eating, obese or not, stomachache or not, you just keep eating. Fact is: food is one of the greatest temptations in life. Unsurprisingly, it is also what we share with the rest of the animal kingdom. Of course we also mate, breathe, and grow like them animals but what I am concerned about is the activity of devouring food. It is not eating. We devour, consume, ravage. This continuous annihilation of food is why we’re still here. We don’t starve to death (not willingly at least) because we eat. We forage because we need to keep breathing. But it goes out of control once we venture into the jungles of food where choice and possibilities intertwine and end like the horizon. We don’t stop. We eat and eat and eat. The notion of being ‘full’ is nonexistent and simply illogical to even contemplate. We don’t stop. We eat and eat and eat. Till zenith. Then I believe it’s called throwing up.