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I’m not psychologically stable. Maybe I should’ve been born a male. That is not to say that psychological instability and masculinity are correlated but somehow within the realm of being a female there are many rules which would cast such unstable persona as distorted, deviant, and maybe even insane. And I just can’t fit these standards, these feminine expectations.

I want to roam the streets at midnight all alone and not be judged.

I want to express my sexuality and not be looked down upon.

I want to work at a construction site and not be chastised.

I want to be a man.

Maybe they were fighting. That sperm with the X chromosome and the sperm with the Y chromosome. Struggling against all odds to reach my mother’s ovum. Maybe that Y was very close. Too close. But that X took one more step and then it was over.

Now I’m here with breasts instead of a penis. Now I’m here with expectations instead of aspirations. Now I’m here with restrictions instead of freedom. Overly presumptuous, I agree, for women all around the world are certain of their freedom but I’m not; for men all around the world also suffer from expectations and restrictions and I do.

I live in a cage. Am I? Maybe I am hallucinating. Maybe it’s been there for so long I’m beginning to doubt its existence, and mine.

Why didn’t He create us unisex? I don’t care how we’d reproduce then. All I care about is all the vomit reproducing right now.

Anyways, happy International Women’s Day.

God save us.