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I wish everyone would just calm the life down. Relax, people. Of course I need to calm down, too but I just find that so many people panic and stress over trivial vomit, irrelevant to awesomeness and Light.

Examinations in a few months? Calm down and plan out the remaining time, make a schedule, study. Just don’t panic and cry and do unnecessary shit.

Family death? Calm down and let go. It’s not like we belong here anyways, we’re all going There at some point. Relax, whoever left probably just got to get the hell out of here earlier than the rest of us.

Broken heart? Calm down and let go. No matter how important or beautiful he or she was, know one thing: they were not worth it. Plus life’s too vomiting short to mourn over lost loves. Go out and dance alone.

Catastrophic financial status? Calm down. I really don’t have any idea how you’re going to deal with shit like money. It just comes and goes and I’m not sure how it comes. But still, calm down.

The end of the world? Calm down and rock this place before you leave. Graffiti the walls of your room. Confess your secret love to that teacher. Make homemade pizza. Dance in the middle of a conference hall.

Whatever it is, calm down, relax, and let go.