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Make a sky.
And he did.

Listen. Feel.

“My sky is veiled by dark swirling clouds. The sound of thunder rolls across the Earth like a thousand cannons fired one after another. Forks of lightning flash amongst the clouds and strike the ground, leaving nothing behind but ashes. Vortexes of winds, and hurricanes wreck all which stands in their path, leaving an irreparable trail of destruction. Volcanoes erupt in fits of burning molten lava, spreading out like a fiery sea. All that stands before the sea disintegrates with the smallest but most destructive of touches.

Other times my sky is a starless mask of pure darkness. Cold settles across the Earth, sending chills up our spines. Sinister silhouettes of trees projected on our walls by the Sky. Through a crack in our window, blows the thousand icy daggers as the Sky’s breath. A howl resounds from the fracture in the middle of the darkest nights, like a wounded wolf wrathed by its enemy. Branches of trees creepily tap on our windows. The Sky sends torrents of winds to keep the sinister shadows and branches moving.

Then at times, my Sky is full of white beautiful puffs of white. Small gentle breezes of air carry with it the smell of strawberries, intoxicating flowers, and freshly plucked mangos. Trees grow strong and green, their branches heavy with nectar-filled fruits. The smell of fresh cropped grass, and the morning dew still lingers in the wind.

Other times my Sky cowers behind a shield of gray clouds. The air is still, and heavy. One would taste the dust lingering in the air, swirling downwards to the ground. It is far from cold but warm in an annoying manner. Occasionally, rain streams across the Sky like tears would on one’s face. The trees and flowers seem to slightly droop and blush red in a guilty manner.

Sometimes my Sky is constantly raining. Rain falls to the ground like an everlasting waterfall. Flowers and roses seem to wilt. Trees slowly wither away and die. The sun is hidden behind a curtain of gray and melancholy clouds stuffed with teardrops. A cold heavy wind seems to spread over the Earth.”

Then: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl96jI4WBgg

Thank you.