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They say: I made a wish and you came true.

I say: I never made a wish, I only dreamt and you didn’t come true.

Why would anyone want their dream to come true?

It is this ethereal impossible nature of dreams which makes them what they are.

Why destroy fantasy by reality?

I only dream and you don’t come true.

You linger in my mind, walking in your flawlessness and light all night long. You dance with me every sun rise; I wake up. We speak for hours, exploring the realms of the universe relentlessly. We make love, in love with everything within; embrace. We hug, never letting go.

Why would I want you to come true? Stay within an imagination permeated by your everlasting fragrance. Stay within a love infused with your passion and mine. Stay my dream.

I only dream and you dream, too.

It is in our dreams that truth lives.