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As I said before, I love to experiment with people.

One of my latest experiments was to randomly send friends a sentence, I stumbled upon, in a private chat and watch how they react.

The sentence was: Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain. I later found out that this is a song lyric and not just a random sentence.

Note that some of the following responses are in Franco-Arabic.

Watch how people are:
“What?” — expected.

“I don’t know what this is.
Should I sing or dance or watch it wala eh bel zabt?” — trying..

“I just left the book I was reading jumped out of bed and ran to the window. Plus, that’s a really crappy song.” — funny.

“I’m there. What’s up.” — interesting.

“Woot woot. Yalla peena. 1) Nesha3’al rashashat el goonena ka2enaha betmatar 2) Meet there.” — awesome.

“Around the corner of Private Drive, beneath the lamppost of Narnia. I’ll be there with an Umbrella.” — engaging.

“Kiss me on the sidewalk take away the pain.” — apparently someone knows the rest of the song.

“I am here.” — true.

It is through such experiments that I explore and discover minds.

Look how one embraces while another trips.

People are fun(ny).