The Voiceless

Hello. It’s been a while since I posted. This is a poem I wrote not very long ago:


I wanted to write you a song,

But I couldn’t find the words;

They’d all blush away upon experiencing

Your smile – like flowers exploding shyly

With beauty and color, on the shores of spring.


I tried to write you a song,

But the music’s all wrong –

Where could I possibly find a melody

Like that of your eyes, enchanting,

Or a rhythm both softer and more powerful

Than that of your dancing heart,

As it beats and pounds upon the drum of life?


I wrote you a song, but then you

Disappeared, once again – you always do,

So I keep my songs to myself, and wait

For the flood to take me once more

To where you wouldn’t disappear again,

Because you were never there…


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