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I’m the
nowhere girl

I leave things
behind for you

I wash my face
but leave the
wind to dry it
dye it with
the wild life

I walk in slow steps
afraid to kill
the kiss between
the soles of my feet
and the soul of the earth

I laugh in the morning
as I wait for my echo
It shines once the sun rises

I stay silent, waiting for
things I left behind to wake up

I never leave the room
the bed begs, the books breathe
The room is the world
Lost as I am amidst the
oceans of a world too bold,
too beautiful for my heart

I’m the nowhere girl
leaving things and
waiting for your song
Oceans, sing.

(Inspired by the name of a film. http://www.impawards.com/2013/nowhere_girl.html)