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His laughter echoed in the house and she was in love with him.

That day was weird. I went to visit my sister at her new home. She’s been married for a few months now and I hadn’t seen her home yet. When I rang the bell, she opened the door and I heard someone laughing.

“Do you have someone over?”

“No no, it’s him.”

“That’s your..what’s happening?”

“Come in come in, I’ll tell you.”

The wedding was over, the guests were back home, and we, we were finally alone; together. There was nothing more than arms and lips that we longed for, but we knew the first we’ll share would be a prayer.

When our heads met the ground as we fell in worship, he laughed. He laughed and it was weird. After we finished praying, I looked at him in sweet surprise.

And he laughed.

“So what’s happening?”

“He’s praying.”

“Praying? What do you mean?”

“He prays in laughter. It’s..special.”

“Prays in laughter? Is he okay? Are you okay?”

“Yes, yes. We’re fine.”

“We pray, He listens. We misunderstand prayer as obligation when it can be so much more. Prayer is intergalactic communication between our simple minds and His glorious Being, in a just a few-minutes long meeting. Now imagine wasting this meeting – all five of them – in silence. Why waste time not laughing? He tells the best jokes and I have the funniest ideas during prayer. Who better than Him to confide in?

And he laughed.