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SinceTheTalk-MiwaMatreyekIn the opening of Miwa Matreyek’s TED performance, a pair of shadowy hands wave over a plate, and an apple halves itself. From there, goldfish swirl around the plate, before morphing into birds and flying away. For the first minute, you think you are watching video — an intricate blend of real-life footage and animation. [ted_talkteaser id=995]But soon you realize that what you are watching is more complex than that. The shadow hands controlling the surreal montage aren’t a part of the video itself — they’re created by Matreyek, who is on the stage and casting shadows through the projection. Soon, Matreyek begins crawling slowly across the stage, a beautiful landscape unfurling around her onscreen. It gives way to a city of skyscrapers that appear to grow around her like plants. As her shadow weaves a complex path through the buildings, hot air balloons swirl around her.

Miwa (pronounced…

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