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I recently watched this TEDx talk about art and immediately brimmed with happiness.

Syson’s enthusiasm about art – no matter its absurdity and uselessness – is a truly valuable characteristic one should always aspire to attain. I believe appreciation of art, in all its forms, is not common amidst people and even if present, people may filter and categorize what art should be, thus losing a sense of the immensity of art and its beauty. Art shouldn’t be anything. Everything might not be art but art is certainly everything. Realizing that will expand one’s perception of the world and open so many doors for joy outside the ordinary. Realizing a film is more than scenes and music, realizing a song is more than words and beats, realizing a painting is more than color and brush strokes…realizing that art is all on its own, will make your life…more.

Now that’s as far as appreciation goes. But loving/living art is a completely different concept. Personally, art for me is more than just a form of expression to be appreciated. Art takes me away from the real world in a way no other is capable of. I love art as a savior. When I am with art, it’s different, different than any other real experience with or without humans. No one can give me what art gives and so I belong with all my mind and heart to the world of art and not here. Here is everything else. If I do filter and categorize things, it would literally be ART and EVERYTHING ELSE. It’s that clear and simple to me.

Am I obsessed with art? Is it ruining my sense of reality? Will it eventually kill rather than save me? I don’t know. But however my journey with art goes, it will be worth it. No matter what.