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Aspiring to not belong.

Everyone urging me to belong to a religion, a country, a family, an identity. But I find that notion, at times, irritating and, at others, illogical. I aspire to not belong. To roam freely with no boundaries, no systems, and no frames. Is it even possible? Would relativity pass me by and skip my existence, then? For how will the perception of me function then? How would others see me when I’m stripped naked of all…things? Would my lack of belonging become the new home I belong to? Or would I crash and die as I starve for a crumb of essence? Will existential meaning cease to be when I do not belong? Is belonging to institutions – whether religious, civil, or dogmatic – the defining characteristic of a meaningful existence? Of mere existence itself?

Why, you ask?

Because belonging is too great a responsibility for my meagre being. It even becomes a burden to actually function as a belonging member of so many systems. Is not belonging the solution? Will it unchain my self from the stifling duty? Will I, for once, experience freedom? Will I be able to experience at all?

To belong or not to belong? Shakespeare asked it centuries ago and it still is a mystery to me.