Couldn’t agree more.

Mo about movies

Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 cinematic adaptation of Romeo and Juliet is a modern classic. All the elements came together in the right way – the decision to keep Shakespeare’s original dialogue, yet set it in modern day America, the performances, the soundtrack, the camera and and the editing. Unfortunately Luhrmann’s adaptation of that Great American Novel, The Great Gatsby simply does not work. It’s all style over substance, with hurtling, zooming camera shots, frenetic editing, artificial performances and stagey sets, an anachronistic dance and rap soundtrack (for a film set in the 1920s) all packaged together with a lazy complacency. Yes, I get it – it’s all meant to be oh so cool, and clever and ironic and postmodern but it didn’t need to keep reminding us of that every other minute.

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