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I don’t like to brag – well actually everyone likes to brag – but I rarely actually do the bragging. And such rare occasion has presented itself in the awesome day (the past 24 hours) that I’ve experienced. I shall now proceed to brag of how awesome my day has been. Are you ready? Let the bragging begin!

I woke up at 6:15 AM and headed to uni for my midterm. While waiting for my bus to arrive, I saw a hummingbird. It was very small, as long as my thumb. Its wings were almost invisible as it fluttered in super speed. I’ve never seen a hummingbird before and it just made my morning an awesome one. Brag point #1. Considering the minimal effort I exerted in the studying process, the midterm was an unexpected success. I can almost guarantee an A. Am I a genius? Am I just lucky? Thin line. Very thin line, my friend. Brag point #2.

After the midterm, the bus wouldn’t arrive for a couple of hours and so I decided to take a 20-minute walk to the closest mall and have lunch there. I walked alone, listened to my awesome 53-minute playlist (during the walk and after I reached the mall) of wonderful songs, AND had pizza, mushroom salad, and ice cream for lunch. Brag points #3 and #4. A walk alone with good music is fine but pizza for lunch? That just deserves a whole other point.

After reaching my dorm, I took a quick shower and shared the experience of listening to rose avenue’s first album You + Me with one of my best musician friends – who, by the way, had also introduced me to the fact that sperm whales float-sleep (brag point #5 obviously) for around 12 minutes to recharge themselves. Rose ave. is Dallas Green’s recent collaboration with Pink and although I personally found their joined forces not so harmonious, the album itself is quite enjoyable. I’m a fan of Green and I just felt that he didn’t really fit with Pink’s style but nevertheless, the album art and the music were good. Listening to Green and Pink in a colorful new album? Brag point #6.

Afterwards, I finished watching the first season of Parks and Recreation. Now I’m not a comedy person and I found the show such an alien form of entertainment. However, by the end of the season it got slightly better. Mostly because Aziz Ansari is the coolest. So watching a cool stand-up comedian in an orange hat improve the quality of a TV show? Brag point #7.

Hummingbirds, sperm whales, good music, and pizza – how can this get any better, you may wonder. Well, brace yourself.

It was around 9:30 PM. I made dinner, had my dose of caffeine, and just decided to redecorate because my dorm room needed it. I ended up combining pieces of people, friendships, special moments, and books on my shelf. Major brag point #8 for making this.

Midnight was upon me and it was my favorite part of the weekend – FILM. With a plate of crackers and the best banana-chocolate cupcake ever (I eat one every single day and for that feat, brag point #9), I embarked on my first film of the night: Words and Pictures. Surpassing my expectations, this ultimate epic between the written word and the visual power of pictures was perfect. Not only is it about a great subject (fucking art!) but the performances were superb! Clive Owen delivers a snazzy performance as the English teacher and Juliette Binoche is flawless as the painter/art teacher, not to mention some feisty chemistry, too! Total brag points up to 11! Pizza is great but this is a film we’re talking about so of course it beats food.

Then I carried on with my second film: The Longest Week aka How To Enjoy Every Pixel of Olivia Wilde’s Face. No seriously, is she real? I have seen her in other movies before but I didn’t really get what the fuss was about. But in this film, holy Wilde. On a more serious note though, I think I have a thing for the making of this film. Although trivial in content, the film sustains a certain elegance, musically and visually. I was expecting just another rom-com but luckily (how lucky I keep getting today is just ridiculous really) it, too, exceeded my low expectations. Plus not-so-bad performances from Jason Bateman (a special favorite of mine) and Jenny Slate. Brag points #12 and #13.

I was getting tired and it was 3:30 AM so I should have probably gone to sleep already. Oh but my awesome day had other plans. I turned off my laptop, fixed my pillows and was about to dive in when I remembered to check my phone for any late night notifications. And there it was. A WhatsApp message from an unknown number. (Potential virtual encounter with stranger: brag point #14). Ten minutes into the conversation I figured out that with a new phone, tons of contacts were not saved. Catching up with this one friend specifically was cool because we speak once every couple of months and it’s always about some special topic or question. Anyways, we whined about our messed up social lives, sleep schedules, and the magic of running away without anyone’s consent to just start over. Unfortunately, he had a calculus midterm in the morning and had only a few hours left to sleep so as I slipped out of that conversation I found myself drifting into a much more serious one with one of the awesomest people I’ve met in the past year. Usually, we mainly discussed film recommendations but somehow tonight the conversation began with an illustration of a canine’s anatomy and evolved into a polarized debate about the nature of love, marriage, and sex and further into the inherent good in people and in God. Crazy, right?

The canine that started it all..

Well, anyways I enjoyed spreading my cynical misanthropic vibes and he his – what I believe – romanticized perception of relationships. I mean he said women are the most wonderful things in this life. That’s just freaky. Despite our very different stances, I totally enjoyed our debate. Either way, debates automatically get a brag point and ones especially where I get to go apeshit about love and marriage get another brag point.

The clock just struck 7:20 AM as I am typing these words. And although the 24 hours are over, the awesomeness seems to be still in effect as I am currently enjoying a random Norah Jones album I stumbled upon on YouTube.

But I believe before I finally get some sleep, a total brag count is in order.


Good luck beating that, muggles.