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A few days ago, my best friend asked me, “Do you still blog?” and I shamefully replied, “Infrequently but yeah.” to which came an awesome metaphor-comment (yes, I made that word up), “So you creatively vomit infrequently.” I’ve always likened catharsis to vomiting and I was happy someone shared my vision.

The thing about vomiting though is that you’re never sure what you’ll end up with. A mush of that leftover pizza? An unidentifiable cadaver of bananas and cupcakes? Who knows? But the vital point is to run as fast as you can to the nearest toilet so that you don’t ruin your fancy carpet, or worse, your new book. The problem with the practical application of that precaution is that you’re not always at a place where there’s a bathroom nearby. Sometimes you’re walking in the middle of a park or you’re watching a movie at the cinema. How do you vomit right then and there without ruining something valuable? The answer is: you can’t. Sometimes, the vomiting must happen and something valuable is inevitably ruined. At those very uncomfortable moments, it’d be good if that something is a long-lasting, rusty-but-still-standing-mighty-and-strong friendship. And luckily that’s what I have. My best friend and I have been through so much (mostly films but that’s what really counts, by the way) that it doesn’t make sense except to keep going on, together. And it’s that kind of friendship that resists the acid and doesn’t burn away at the mere sight, not to mention feel, of vomit. The friendship understands that you had a bad burger last night. The friendship knows how hard it is to stomach that sushi. The friendship even feels your rumbling gut as it struggles with your first experience of spicy food. That’s what I count on – that no matter how badly I throw up, the friendship will survive because honestly if it’s a life with an awesome best friend covered in vomit or a life without one, I’d definitely go for the revolting mess (but hey, there are showers so that’s good to know, too). And the best thing is: the friendship is there for all kinds of cuisine. But I’d take it easy on the friendship and go for a good salad or the standard fries every now and then.

On the other hand, to forge such a friendship will take years and dilemmas and awesome moments and fights and long nights and good mornings and bad days. So, good luck with that.

(Yes, I’m basically bragging about how my best friend and I made it through. IN YO FACES. Unless you do have an awesome best friend – I doubt as awesome as mine but okay – then join the puke-fest!)

Note: I just realized that I’ve carried on the food analogy for far too long and that’s probably because I’m really hungry.