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The white shopping bag crashed into the muddy puddle.

My plastic skin yielded and everything bled out of me.

Fruits rolled and sank. Shampoo oozed out; graffiti on the mirror.

Men with milky shadows and women in cheese wigs passed by me blindly.

A young boy slipped away from his mother, splashed into the puddle, feet like drumsticks.

Fireworks! Tomatoes exploded! Bread shredded and glass shattered! Spectacular euthanasia.

—  The Plastic Bag


We’ve been together for a long time.

They all warned us it would end one day.

No! We were defiant dandelions determined to face it all.

It was an early Friday morning when metallic winds stormed our home, slicing me off his bed.

Dandelion seeds blown away.

— Nail & Cuticle


You all fear her, as you should, but no one loves her. No one loves her like I do.

You hide under trees and behind curtains to escape her.

Fools! Such bliss to bathe in her touch, her warmth, her love.

She is fierce as fire feeding on the fuel of fission.

I refuse to sit silently; I will not save you.

— Sunglasses in Love


They are infinity embodied. I tire with every step. They don’t.

They make their ancestors proud. They keep going up.

To what end? I don’t know but I must find out.

My heart races as I approach the highest level. This is it.

I’m going to make my ancestors proud; I’m going to win this game.

A door with a golden handle awaits me.

I clasp the handle and pull it down. It disappears!

A door with no handle stares at me.

I hear their triumphant laughter echoing behind my back.


— Climbing the Stairs


Why me?

My sister grew up to work with fire.

My brother is famous in a museum in London.

Even my baby cousin is an artist, his work in galleries all over town.

But me? I end up kneaded and spread.

My tongue licks every floor, ceiling, and wall.

I cause pain to everyone around me.

I wish I was different. I wish I was…


— Wax On


My father always says, “We are immortal.”

We never have to worry about survival or the future.

We know we’re here forever.

Unlike you, poor mortals!

You cower beneath us, mouths watering, eyes racing, then you die.

Meanwhile we watch it all from above.

It’s our time. It’s our era.

We are Big Brother.

— Mighty Bill Board


I’m a foot fetishist and proud!

I love their curves and I say it out loud.

I wait politely till I finally get the chance.

Oh what a dance.

To hold a foot, take it inside..

That wild ride!

— The Shoe Wants What It Wants


They resent me.

Their eyes need new eyes to see the beauty in the old.

They’re freaks, obsessed with sterile sanity, botched Botox, asinine app updates.

Dust now extinct.

They’re coming after me.

But I’m beautiful and natural just the way I am.

I’m old, not gold, but just as bold.

— Rust in Peace


If I was made of ice cream instead of light, I’d be a fantastic combination of strawberry, banana, and kiwi.

I’d be scooped into the biggest cone.

People would pose with me, on Instagram, Snapchat, you name it!

I would be loved and appreciated.

But I am made of light not ice cream.

I am cursed and violated although I mean no harm.

If only they tasted my flavors as ice cream.

Alas, I scream.

— Stuck in Traffic